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Earth Science
Short overview:  how big are they, how/why do they happen, etc.
A simple cross section through Earth.  
Want to see how big the Inner Core is ?
Earth's surface

Space Science
Where are stars born/formed ?  
The Hubble Space Telescope is returning amazing images which may aid in finding the answer.

Life Science
The killer whale living in Vestmannaeyjar, south-coast of Iceland.
Very nice links, microscopy pictures of cell division (mitosis), Golgi apparatus, and more ...
Spendır - upplısingar fyrir krakka (info about Mammals in Icelandic)

Brief description, and links for price information, of science books that we have read recently.

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Periodic Table

Hekla 2000
(small&short eruption)

Mammal cam reveals diving secrets
BBC (6. Apr, 2000)

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 nóvember 16, 2001