The saga of Keiko is long and complex.  The web sites below have, probably, all the details, but these are the main parts.  After spending many years in a Aquarium in Mexico, Keiko starred in the movie Free Willy.  There a killer whale was freed from captivity and swam free in the open ocean.  That started a flood wave that resulted in Keiko being moved to Oregon, to prepare him for the long journey home, off the south coast of Iceland.  Keiko was then flown to Iceland, in a military cargo plane.  He has, since autumn 1998, been in a pen in a fjord in Vestmannaeyjar.  The goal is to soon release Keiko to the wild.  The official Keiko web site.  Managed by Ocean Futures, Jean-Michel Cousteau.
They have live web-cams at Keiko's pen, latest news and lots more.
This is the direct link

Keiko in Vestmannaeyjar.  Nice site maintained by local people in Vestmannaeyjar.

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