The Cell


The prophase stage of cell division.

A Web Atlas of Cellular Structures
using Light and Confocal Microscopy.  Page credit Sheela Konda, Steve Rogers, and Daniel E. Weber at Imaging Technology Group.  Very nice microscopy images of mitosis, Golgi apparatus, and more ....

cover Life Itself by B. Rensberger.
A great "first" book about cells and their functions.  The cell organisms are described in a lively and clear manner.  The "living-room cell", where the author scales the cell to the size of an living-room and describes the flow of things is brilliant.  The history of cell research is briefly described, and you will learn what actin (and lots more) is !  
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  The Molecular Origins of Life edited by A. Brack.
Starts with theories about the origins of the atmosphere and oceans, then goes on to questions about the origins of organic matter, where life could have originated (hydrothermal vents, ocean itself, meteorites).  Well organized book that covers (almost) all aspects of present day thinking.
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