Glaciology Instructor: Þröstur Þorsteinsson
Class information 2012

Reading material: Throstur's Lecture notes , and the book Physics of Glaciers (not required).

Topics include

  • Distribution of ice
  • Mass balance
  • Snow to ice transformation
  • Heat budget (radiation)
  • Milankovitch cycles and Climate
  • Ice Cores
  • Distribution of temperature in glaciers
  • Flow features
  • Glacier hydrology
  • Jokulhlaup
  • Deformation of ice
  • Flow of ice
  • Sliding, till deformation
  • Response time and Time scales

Sincerely, Throstur

Field trips
Glaciology - southern Iceland
2011 Glaciology Field Trip

To Gígjökull, Sólheimajökull, Kvíárjökull, Skaftafellsjökull, Jökulsárlón and more.

Panorama from Skaftafellsjökull

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